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Our Process

Our Process

From helping you find the right protection for your assets and income, to eliminating debt and investing for the future, we help you develop a roadmap to improved financial health. No two people are the same. Our deep financial knowledge and broad life experiences inform our every decision.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves the choice to take control of their own financial independence. So, we take a holistic approach to financial wellness. Regardless of your situation, tolerance for risk, and goals, we’re ready to help you prepare for the future.

Find Financial Freedom with Capital Choice.

We empower Americans with the education and resources needed to achieve and maintain financial wellness.

Our approach is designed to help your retirement weather the harshest of storms.

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Jason Cummings, RFC

Senior Director | SmartVestor

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Scott R. Marion, CFF

Regional Director | SmartAsset SmartAdvisor

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Russell Bloodworth

Regional Director | SmartVestor

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Jody Oliver

Regional Director | SmartVestor

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We partner with industry leaders to offer our clients products and services that match their individual needs and goals...

5 Ways to Stay Confident in Retirement

This guide takes a critical look at the finances of retirement. It talks about health care costs, income stability, and the burden of debt and is designed to help your clients know the recipe for success in retirement.