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The SmartVestor is a service that connects Dave Ramsey fans with a network of investment professionals. Not just anyone can be a SmartVestor Pro. Our Pros must pass a thorough vetting process and follow a formal code of conduct laid out by Dave Ramsey and his team. Our Pros has a client-first mentality, and treat you like a teammate, not a transaction. 

Working with an advisor that is part of the SmartVestor network cannot guarantee investment success or that financial goals will be achieved.  There can be no assurance that working with a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro (SVP) will produce or achieve better results than working with an advisor not affiliated with the SmartVestor program.  Advisors that participate in this program pay a fee to belong to the program for client leads that are provided.  Dave Ramsey and the SmartVestor program is not affiliated with or endorsed by CoreCap Investments, LLC or CoreCap Advisors. LLC.


Smart Asset

Having been in business for nearly 45 years, M&O is the oldest and longest-standing independent marketing organization (“IMO”) in the fixed annuity industry. Founded in metro-Detroit in 1976, we have since expanded to also market fixed annuities and life insurance to thousands of independent financial professional nationwide.

Just as our now-national business model has evolved, so has our marketing perspective. With today’s ever-changing pace of innovation in the financial services industry, we have grasped the keys of success developed from yesterday’s knowledge, today’s experience, and tomorrow’s vision producing arguably the most versatile and cutting-edge marketing value proposition in the industry today.


At CoreCap, we put our client's first, and are dedicated to bringing our registered representative, advisors, and their clients comprehensive financial planning strategies along with investment advisory services.

CoreCap was founded with a very specific purpose — to optimize the time, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit of the independent financial advisor. CoreCap’s mission is to accelerate the growth of a financial advisor’s sincere desire to serve his or her clients with proficiency, integrity and objectivity. 

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, please get in touch with one of our associates. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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